Friday, September 13, 2013

All Things 9

When the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter, home and hearth beckon to us to come on in, settle down, and linger at the dinner table for just a few more minutes together.

Once the weather gets a chill to it, we know it's time to pull out the crock pot, put in a roast and get ready for some good eatin'.  Is there anything any better than coming home after a long, tiring, cold, rainy day to a warm house that smells like home-cookin'?

One of my absolute favorites in green beans.  There is something absolutely autumnal about it for me.  Maybe it's because it was always a family staple at our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but there is something about green beans that just says fall to me.  These look absolutely relish.  Sautéed green beans with toasted pecans?  Yes, Please!

 And what fall wouldn't be complete without a sweet potato pie?  I spied a few beautiful yams at the market last week... I think this meal is on my menu in the very. near. future!

Only By His Grace,


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