Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All things Fall...

Every year September rolls around and I get a hankerin' for good old Fall.  This morning is a cool 62 degrees, and I'm yearning for a pumpkin spice latte and a morning run through the fall colored leaves.  Oh, all of our leaves are still green, and today will reach into the 80's, but I'm still feeling the draw.

Therefore, I invite you to join me during the entire month of September for my version of a bloggy Fall Color tour.  We will discuss all things fall: fall fashion, fall food, fall decor, fall outdoor activities.  You never know what you might find around here for the next few days, but stop by, grab a cup of warm cider and snuggle in.  We're going on a fall tour!

Stop One:  Adding a little pumpkin to your summer home.

This home is decorated with a fresh cream and teal summer color scheme.  It's such a huge trend in decorating right now.  But what a simple and elegant touch to bring in a few maple leaf branches to warm up that cool summer decor and add the perfect touch of early fall.

This wonderful home displays the same teal color, but is also decidedly FALL.  I must admit, I'm in love with this orange wool sofa.  L-O-V-E!  It just beckons me to come have a nap.

My own home is rather neutral these days.  My walls are taupe, my sofa is chocolate leather, end tables are pine (not for long - but that's another post), our club chairs are sage.  I have deep red and teal as the accent colors in the family room...but I'm already thinking of how to autumn-ize me home.  

I can smell that pumpkin-spice latte already!

What are you doing to get ready for fall?

Only By His Grace,


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