Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All Things 7

Who doesn't love a fall floral arrangement?  The reds, the yellows, the greens.  It's summer...only richer.

A while back a found a few cheese boxes at an antique mall.  They were relatively inexpensive...about $4.00 per box.  They have "Velveeta" stamped on the side, and they are a wonderful reminder of what used to be.  I love the idea of using them for a fall floral arrangement.  This one is stunningly beautiful and casually charming at the same time.

Here's another twist on the wooden box.  This one has cute little handles, which I
L-O-V-E!  Gorgeous!  The idea of simplifying -- and lengthening -- the display of the floral arrangement by using baby pumpkins and candles is brilliant.  The berry garland lends itself to the fall floral theme, while the gourds and candles extend the usability by many days.

What a crazy fantastic wonderful idea this is!  These are mini paint cans you can purchase at craft stores.  They are inexpensive and plain.  Simply add craft papers, ribbon, fabric, etc and florals to match your home's decor and you have a wonderful door arrangement that will leave most fall wreaths feeling a little like last year's fashion statement.  I have a feeling this little fall beauty will find its way to my office very shortly.

And last, but certainly not least among the bold and brilliant... are these wonderful floral arrangements.  I recycle all of my canned good cans...but I see visions of orange mums in a Campbell's soup can, yellow daisies in a pumpkin puree can...and what a wonderful Friday surprise to give to a teacher who's had a tough week?  Inexpensive, recyclable... how much better can it get?

What inspires you this season?

Only By His Grace,


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