Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All Things 2

I love fall fashion.  Well, I love all fashion if we're honest.  But I particularly love fall fashion.  I love the first cool days when I can pull my warm sweaters from the closet.  I love the first time I get to wear my boots.  I love storing away my white handbags and bring out my blacks, browns and reds... There is something wonderful about fall fashion!

Day two brings us to a little fall fashion stop on day two of our tour.

This lovely fall outfit is so easily transitional.  The deep orange cardigan can be worn open if the weather takes a warm turn, but can also be buttoned up and belted for cooler days.  The contrast between the navy blue of the skirt and the deep orange of the sweater just scream "It's fall, y'all!"

Here's another transitional fall ensemble.  The tan skirt, brown sweater, marbled scarf and brown boots tell us the weather has turned cooler.  Toss in that great teal handbag to the mix and you've added a touch of great color that reminds us that summer isn't too far in the past.

And one last summer to fall outfit.  Jeans, neutral T, deep green drape sweater and brown bag are great fall choices.  Add in the gold shoes and earrings and you have great fall contrast.  But my favorite, FAVORITE, addition to this ensemble has to be the metallic gold nail polish!  Makes me want to schedule a metallic manicure, myself!

Are you prepping your summer-to-fall wardrobe?

Only By His Grace,


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