Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All Things 17

I am so enamored by the color trends I'm seeing recently.  I love the emerald greens, the persimmons, the corals...but I'm especially crazy about teal.  It doesn't matter whether it's a deep, rich velvet teal or a soft, sea-foamy teal.  I love it.  Nearly every room of my house has incorporated teal in some form or fashion, now.  

This bluish color incorporates itself well into a winter blue and white scheme, but how can we incorporate such a summery color into an autumnal decorating scheme?  How can we extend the season of teal into the Fall?

Let's take a look, shall we?

Whether you're a knitter or not, this soft colorful knit throw just calls out to us to snuggle in for a cup of cinnamon tea, or a chapter or two in a good book.  This pattern amazes me, as a knitter.  But I believe a self-striping variegated yarn would make an equally stunning addition.

What makes this room Fall worthy?  I think the amber color of the fireplace build-out and draperies really transition this otherwise summery room right into fall.  The warm tones of the wood floor also work well to warm up the space.  Just imagine, if you will, what all those beautiful trees will look like in a few weeks.  That, my friends, is how you transition a summer room into an Autumn room.  Toss in the knit blanket we just talked about and you're well on your way to a warm autumn evening by the fire.

There are also easy ways to incorporate this beautiful teal color into your fall color scheme, without a lot of expense.  Temporary accents pack an equally decor-heavy punch when used in the right way.

Let's look at a couple of Autumn table settings that use teal - in a natural, and simple way.

When you take your yearly trip to the pumpkin patch or farmers market, pay attention to those off-color pumpkins and gourds.  Those white-ish varieties will often carry a blue green hue - one that is perfect for a teal themed fall table setting.

How about a few teal leaf bread plates?  These plates are slightly darker than the pale table cloth used in this setting.  These subtle addition bring life to this otherwise neutral table.  While you're thinking about you have a set, or pieces of grandma's china?  Could be the era it's from may have just the color you're looking for.  What a great way to pair the new with the old and give a loving nod to the traditions and memories of the past.

If, like me, you've become obsessed by this color trend, take a look around you at the accessories offered this year.  I'm sure you'll find a few that can be multi-purpose items that will carry you through fall, into the winter, and straight way into spring and summer.

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