Monday, September 16, 2013

All Things 10

There is something reminiscent about the smell of Fall.  Smell, more than any other of the five senses, has the power to evoke fond memories from our past.  If that is case, why wouldn't we want to use the most comforting and relaxing scents to burn memories into our hearts? 

Cinnamon is a powerful smell that reminds us of warm apple cider, cinnamon pancakes and pumpkin pies.  One of my favorite fall tricks is to purchase a few highly scented sticks from a craft or dollar store and simmer then in a pot on the stove.  Welcome - Home!

Another great way to bring the scent of fall to your home is by making a quick pomander.  Simple press whole cloves into a fresh orange and your house will smell divine!  If you're feeling inspired and in awe, you can reach for the citrus peeler and get creative with the orange rind, first.  Either way you slice it (ahem) you will be infusing your house with wonderfully organic smells of the autumn season!

Only By His Grace,


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