Friday, September 27, 2013

All Things 19

I did it.  I wore my boots.  That's right!  I did!  I know people are still running around in shorts and flip flops...but I wanted to wear my boots. And since I'm over 40, I can wear my boots if I want to.  Right?  Right!

Here are a few cute fall-inspired outfits for those of you looking forward to pulling out your fall wardrobe.

I am loving the navy dress with the mustard sweater!  This sweet little outfit can go from summer picnic to autumn hayride by changing out sandals for boots, and adding a quick sweater and scarf!  So

How cute is this?  What is more classic than jeans and a white shirt?  Again, toss on a sweater, a scarf and some boots and you're moving from summer right to autumn.  Warm and cozy.

So what makes this outfit so stinkin' cute?  The hints of green! The scarf and bag are just so fashionably cute, but add in the nail polish and it's over-the-top adorable.

Last, but not least, this has to be my favorite outfit I've seen this year.  The colors in the scarf and earrings are warm and autumnal, but also have a flair for the vibrant.   Personally, I would add taller boots, but this look is so cute I can hardly stand it.

What are your favorite fall fashions?  What's your go-to fall fashion accessory?

Only By His Grace,


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