Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Things 13

We're coming down to the wire, aren't we now?  Just a few more days until the official first day of Autumn. I'm starting to see tinges of yellow in our back meadow, and I've been seeing reds and oranges popping up around town.  I'm getting very, very excited.

I love a nice, neat clutter-free home.  More so now than when my kids were smaller. Maybe they have less stuff, maybe they're better at picking up after themselves.  I don't know, but our home is pretty organized most of the time. But when Fall comes a'knockin'.... I get the desire to bring in all sorts of things...

As soon as I start lighting my fall scented candles and dreaming of the day I find apple cider at the supermarket, I begin my search for cinnamon pinecones.  I love to place them in a basket or galvanized bucket beside the fireplace.  Our fireplace is ventless gas, with no open screen, but the everlit pilot light gives off enough warmth to heat the pine cones and give off a wonderfully glorious fall scent.

I think this "vase filler" is the cutest idea yet.  I have a glass vase on my coffee table with a vanilla candle and loads of tiny sea shells from one of our beach adventures.  But in just a few weeks, I plan to find myself a small tree branch and cut it into one-ince pieces to use for filler for the fall season.  I'm loving this added touch of outdoors that will be reminiscent of our summer nights beside the fire pit.

Last on my list of autumn inspired ideas - and also on my list of things to accomplish -- are these recycled sweater pillows.  This week I will be scouring a few thrift shops for off white, cream, taupe, and pale teal sweaters to recreate this look.  

What are your favorite ways to warm up your autumn?

Only By His Grace,


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