Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Telling others about your man...

I've been asking men what they need most from their wife.  Most of my posts this month have reflected their answers.

Today I want to share with you another one.  Here's what one man told me, "Praising your husband in public is always a great way to make him walk taller."  

When you're talking with your friends, chatting with the neighbors, posting on Facebook, what do you say about your husband?  Are they good things that will build him up, or things that will tear him down?

Do you know that what you say about your spouse is more a reflection on YOU than on them?  

Men spend their days working - most of them work very hard.  They get told at work they are keeping up, they need to try harder, they need to produce more, be more efficient.  On top of that, men suffer from the same insecurities that women suffer. 

When they come home at the end of a hard day, they don't want to face more ridicule.  They don't want to be told they aren't living up to the standard.

When you talk to your friends, praise your husband.  When you post on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, tell everyone how great he is.  

He knows his own faults, it's nice for him to hear you think well of him!

Take away:

1) Think of one thing you can say about your husband - and then tell someone.  If you're on Facebook, post about it.  He needs the encouragement :)

Only By His Grace,


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