Sunday, February 17, 2013

Growing pains...

Do you remember your childhood bedroom?  I was the last of 5 girls...the way last, I like to call it.  My sisters were 8, 9, 11 and 13 years older than me.  If I ever got hand-me-downs, they were really, really, really well used, and had already been handed down to several others before me.

So back to the bedroom... I had these brown plaid "quilted" curtains and bedspread.  Back then they were called bedspreads, not comforters - certainly not DUVET's... And the quilting wasn't really was just quilted stitches printed right onto the fabric... ahhh... Did I say it was brown?  Yes.. brown...and orange... and maybe a hint of yellow.  Although the colors and pattern are not identical, this is very similar to what it looked like.  Only did I say it was brown?  Well, it was brown.

Fast forward to the present:  Two years ago my son started asking me to redecorate his room.  We bought our current house when he was barely two, and I decorated it for a barely 2 year old.  But now he's eight...and I think maybe he was feeling the need to grow up a little bit.

He's been enrolled in Karate for a while now, and really loves it.  He's also obsessed with anything Lego Ninja... so we decided to create his room to look similar to his Karate Dojo.

Wanna see the befores?

Blue walls on top, green walls on bottom.  Little car and truck decals following the "hillside"  Brown duvet. red curtains (which I just hung up...) and a little red rug (Which I just laid down)

You can see his Phineas and Ferb drawings on the wall... and if you look closely at the lower right corner, you'll see his two tires stacked as a hamper... (let's not talk about that, though, ok?)

On the opposite wall are his posters... Angry birds, more Phineas and Ferb, Cars, and Jeff Gordan, of course.

The lanterns hanging above his bed were a craft project and he desperately wanted them hung here... so  we hung them :)

The transformation has been a process.

First we put up the red curtains and brown duvet.  Before it was a valance and a quilt.  Non-inspiring.

Next, we decided to pair down and paint the room -- a very soft seal gray.  The walls were a medium blue, and this room doesn't get much light.  So lighter we went.

The red curtains and lanterns stayed.  The brown duvet stayed (for a while).  He has a new duvet now...gray, black and red.

We took down most of the posters, removed the clunky mirror, and wrote his name in Japanese (I think) above the dresser.   His room is cleaner, more organized, and ready for more Karate belts :)

We're on the hunt for new bedroom furniture.  This room is small, so we're looking for a twin bed with drawers beneath for storage...  If we don't find what we want, this dresser will get a quick coat of black paint, and the handles will go brushed nickel.  I'm hoping we can find something soon.  I'll keep you posted.

So... your childhood bedroom.... do you remember it?  Did you hate it?  Love it?  Did you even care? let me know..

Only By His Grace,


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