Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Realizing the why...

Last week I talked to a woman who went on and on about the long hours her husband worked.  They have a couple of kids - in private school.  They live in a gorgeous home.  They both drive very expensive vehicles.   I'm not judging, I'm stating my observation.  This woman is a stay-at-home mom, and they live very well.

I've been talking to a group of men about what they need from their wife.  One man said something to me the very day I had this conversation with my friend.  He emailed me and said, "Realize that in most cases, the reason we work hard, is to provide a better life for our families.  Instead of hammering us for working hard, acknowledge what we are doing."  

I thought of my friend when I got this email.  It made me realize that I know a lot of women who enjoy great lifestyles, but often fail to thank their husbands for providing.

I know one woman who talks about her husband's job with disdain.  This man is retired now, but when he was working he worked very hard, worked with people he probably didn't like very much, commuted long hours to and from work, and provided a very good life for his wife and children.

I know it gets old being home with the kids.  I remember once, when my kids were much younger I was in the thick of parenting.  One was in diapers, one was starting school.  I was an emotional wreck, we were moving.  And one morning I popped off to my husband and said, "You've got it easy!  I'd love to have the luxury of going to work everyday for 9 hours."  

Looking back I realize how wrong that was.  I was so blessed to be home with my kiddos.  I now work outside the home several days a week, and I know now, it's not a luxury at all!  It's called work for a reason.

All I'm saying is:  don't take your husband's work for granted.  Every hour he's at work is providing food and shelter and clothing for you and your family.  Bless him for that.

Take away:  
1)  Thank your husband for his hard work.  Whether he works a desk job, is a long-haul driver, or runs a construction sight, thank him for what he does.  He may not make big buck but I'm sure the appreciation will do him good!

Only By His Grace,


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