Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bit by Bit...

Do you remember a couple days ago I showed you Austin's room re-do?  I posted the before and after photos here.  We painted the walls.  We updated the bed spread.  But there was still a lot left to do.

The bed was a $5.00 yard sale bed frame.  The dresser was a hand-me-down.  Every time Austin rolled over in the night his bed would squeak.  Then one morning, the little guy was getting his socks out of his drawer when it fell out - On. His. Foot.  

So this past weekend, we took a trip to IKEA.  Bought the kiddo a bed, a chest, a nightstand and a display shelf.

Wanna see the before shots?  Or do you want to see the after?
How about both?


After the paint and the first bedding...

After, After: new bed, new bedding, new nightstand.

Before: new paint, new name, old dresser.

 After: same chair, new rug...
 ...and the new chest.  Believe it or not, but the new chest has WAY more room than the old dresser.

What 8 year old boy's room wouldn't be complete without a Lego Ninjago Fire Temple?  

Or the Lego Ninjago Bounty Ship?

And here is the display shelf.  Everything fits.

He is sure one happy kiddo.  He loves his room, and he feels so grown up!

This post is to encourage you in your updates... Sometimes you just need a change; paint, new rug, a pair of curtains.  You can take it a step at a time, or do it all at once.  It's all up to you!

Only By His Grace,


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