Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting back to the simple...

Are you getting ready for Valentine's day?  Are you planning anything special?  I remember when my husband and I were first married.  We were young (19, 20 years old) and we were too poor to pay attention - so there were many many years when we celebrated Valentine's Day on February 15th or 16th.  Things are 50 - 75% by then... and the chocolates are still just as yummy :)  I made homemade valentines, I wrote poems... I made dinner...  Those were the days when things were terribly simple...and wonderfully sweet.

It isn't hard to show love to your husband, and not break the bank.  Here are a few ideas...

1.)  If your husband likes to travel:  Take him on a stay-cation.  Think of somewhere he would like to go, and then plan an evening around that.  Would he like to go to Italy?  Then find a station on Pandora or I heart radio that plays Italian themed music, make lasagna and salad for dinner, watch a movie based in Italy. (The Godfather probably isn't the best choice, though.)

2.)  Make his favorite dinner:  Does he love filet mignon?  I know it's expensive, but one night a year probably won't hurt the budget too badly. My husband likes chicken liver.  I can't stand it!  It makes me gag, but when I can find it at the local grocery, I'll buy it and make him a chicken liver dinner.

3.)  What about his favorite dessert?:  Does he love chocolate mousse?  Is his favorite strawberry cheesecake?  My husband loves chess cake.  It's devilishly high in fat and calories... I mean, anything that calls for 3 eggs, a box of confectioner's sugar, 8 oz of cream cheese, and a yellow cake mix as the crust... WHEW!  But I must admit, it's yummy :)

4.)  Can't find the right card?  Try making on yourself.  It's a sweet gesture, and you can say everything you've been meaning to say.

My point is, you don't have to spend a lot, or buy fantastic gifts.  You can show your husband your love just by getting back to the simple things in life.

Only By His Grace,


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