Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's your preferred method?

Everyone has their own way of doing things.  Some people shop for groceries every week.  Some people shop once per month.  Some people save each month for Christmas gifts and then spend it all at once, other people budget closer to the holidays and pace themselves.  Ask yourself which type of person are you?  It's an important question, because there is a theme here.

You either like to take things at a slow and easy pace and enjoy the process, or you like to tackle a task and get it over and done with.  When it comes to Spring cleaning, you need to know which personality type you are.  

Here it is in a nutshell.  I doubt there is anyway you can tackle and complete your Spring Cleaning in one weekend - or possibly even one week.  I admit, it's a daunting task, Spring Cleaning.  You have to know how you're going to tackle the list you made.

Option one:  Take it room by room, like we did throughout the January Organize-a-thon.  If you made your list room by room, maybe it's easiest to tackle one room at a time.  Maybe it's easier for you to work a room task-by-task until the room is complete and you can check it entirely off the list.  

Option two: Take it task by task.  Maybe you look at your list and think, "Why would I clean windows in the living room on Monday, and then clean windows in the bedroom on Friday?"  Maybe it's easier for you to tackle your home task-by-task.  Dusting everything in the house at one time, cleaning all the carpets at one time, washing all window coverings at one time?  What's YOUR preferred method?  

Why is it important to think through this question?  Why is it important for you to know your own cleaning style?  Because if you try to use someone else's plan, you will fail!  You have to know what works for YOU.  

What plan do I use?  I'll tell you honestly!  I use both plans.  For me, it depends on the size of the room, the difficulty of the task, and how much time I think it will take me.

For example: My laundry room is a small room.  Easily tackled in one evening.  There is a lot involved, though.  Moving the appliances, dusting, vacuuming, moving out furniture, moving in furniture... But because the room is 7 x 13 ft, I feel I can tackle it all at once.  I'll post about that a little later on in the series.

However, the rest of my house, I determine almost as I go.  Obviously, I clean all windows at one time.  If I'm climbing step stools with a spray bottle and squeegee, I'm going to get that task out of the way all at once.  

If I have to mix carpet cleaning solution to treat spots, I'm doing that all at once.  If I'm dusting furniture, cleaning baseboards and clearing cobwebs, then I'm prone to take it a room-at-a-time.

The point is?  I found a plan that works for me... and I work that plan 'til I can't work any more...

What's your style?  Which plan seems more appealing to you?  Have you made your list?

Throughout the next few days and weeks I will be approaching spring cleaning using both methods in order to try to reach everyone of my readers.  By the way, you're welcome to email me or leave a comment if you find something helpful.  

If one tip doesn't apply to your style, hang in there, a new one is coming the next day...

Only By His Grace,


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