Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little progress...

I believe it's always good to share your progress.  Have you started your Spring Cleaning?

I must admit, when I made my walk-through list, I thought I would choke. Oh. My. Goodness.  There was so much to do!  But you know what?  I've taken three days and I'm nearly finished with a 5 page list.  That's right!  I only have the basement to finish, and that consists of the games room, the family room, the bathroom and maybe (but probably not) the storage room.

So I thought I'd show you my laundry room progress.  Beware, lots of pictures!  

Here's my list:
     __ dust cabinetry
     __ dust ledges & shelves
     __ clean floors
     __ clean baseboards
     __ clean behind washer / dryer
     __ wipe down walls
     __ clean / disinfect washer
     __ clean washer drain pan
     __ clean trash bin

I must say - the whole process took me about an hour - maybe an hour and a half at most.

My weapon of choice?  As always, Shaklee Basic h2 & a microfiber cloth.

Now for the process...

I took down everything on the top of that cabinetry and I dusted it! Every piece of it... and while I was up there, perched precariously on my waher/dryer, I got down all those cobwebs.

I swept behind, beside and around the washer/ dryer. 

Here's what I found behind the dryer...

After I swept, I cleaned the drain pan of the washer. I just sprayed on my degreaser Basic h2, slid in my microfiber and it came out lovely!

I cleaned my baseboards, and my trash can.

My final move was mopping the floor.  Then I started putting things back.

My little black ironing table...

Here's where my ironing board is stored when not in use.
Ignore the broken floor...was like that when we moved in...not important enough to me to fix it when it's beneath the washer/dryer anyway :)

My rug came back with a deep vacuuming.

And then I ran 2 cups of vinegar through my washer to deep clean it.  I set it for the longest cycle I had, with additional wash and rinse cycles, with the hottest water I could get.

Tips: Start at the top! Dust and dirt will fall to the floor, and you can clean it all up at once when you're done!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Only By His Grace,


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