Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's talk kitchen cabinets...

Does this ever happen to you?  You think you've cleaned your kitchen...the counters are clear, the stove is de-mucked, the floors are swept and mopped, the dishes aren't just clean, the dishwasher is actually empty.  

Then you see it. The light falls gently across the fronts of your cabinet door fronts, your drawer fronts, your handles... They're sticky, they're covered in dust, they're masked with tiny fingerprints... 

Today, whether your kitchen is large or small, whether you have five kitchen cabinets or 25 kitchen cabinets, I'm going to show you an easy way to clean them.  Are you ready?

Let's get started.  First, grab your supplies.  My favorites are Shaklee Basic h2 degreaser strength, and two microfiber cloths.




Spray the degreaser, give it a minute to work...

Wipe it clean with your microfiber cloth. Nice and shiny. 

No more grime.

Now, my kitchen is not vented.  I don't know why on earth someone would put in a gas range and oven with NO venting.  But, alas, some things cannot be changed.  So I deal with it :)

Here's the top of my microwave and the cabinets above.

You can see with this finger-swipe how thick the grease is.  That's right, grease. That's not dust, folks.

Same as before: Spray the degreaser, give it a minute to work through the gunk...  and wipe with the microfiber.

In my kitchen I have 14 cabinet doors and 10 drawers.  I cleaned each of them with this method, and got spectacular results.

One huge task -- checked off my Spring Cleaning list.

What task did you complete today?

Only By His Grace,


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