Friday, March 22, 2013

A little change can do ya good...

Today's post has nothing to do with spring cleaning. 

As I type this post it's a cold, March day; rainy, drizzly, and gray.  I'm sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot chai tea latte - Organic, from Trader Joe's, of course!

A year ago I got a little fed up with my dining room.  I realized that my home was starting to look like the home of a much older couple.  I loved my dining set, but it was definitely better suited for another home.

Here it is:  Solid oak - beautiful starburst pattern, solid, heavy chairs. But the red and green, eucalyptus wreath, floral prints, and rooster centerpiece were a little dated.

I tried dressing it up with draperies:  Red embroidered ones were a steal of a deal...

Still not right.  So I added valance.  Somewhat better, but worse at the same time.

My husband and I decided it was time to modernize our home a little.  Step by step, bit by bit, as budget would allow.

We traded out the draperies for a neutral panel.  Changed some artwork.  My husband's aunt is a wonderful artist.  She painted the crock and veggie piece you see in this photo.  Here is her sight if you're interested in spectacular artwork:

And finally, last month we sold our dining set of 20 years and bought a newer, more modern table and chair set.

We brought in a black console table from the basement along with the two striped chairs you see in the corners.  The large artwork was a piece we had hanging in our living room.  When I painted the great room in February, it occurred to me how the painting had all the colors I wanted to use in the dining room.  So the switch was made.

I painted the lower 36 inches of the wall an oyster white.  We'll be adding chair molding (probably in black) a little later.  We need to make a few drywall repairs, first.

The striped chairs pull up to the table if we need them.  The table extends to 88 inches if necessary.  It's super long!

It is the first room you see as you walk into our home.  So we wanted it to be just right.

In the process, it occurred to me that the draperies I had were too ...... bland.... blah..... boring...?  I don't know, but I knew they weren't right.

Then one day, I was at Target and found these panels.  Original cost $39.99 per panel.  Billie's lucky clearance sale cost?  $14.88 for the pair!  That's right, less than $10 per panel, for lined draperies!  Check this out!

Our walls are an olive green (I know they look lime, but their olive).  These panels have the same green in them, and the pale teal... It all matches perfectly! (And you know I hate the word "perfectly" but it really is the case, here!)

Check out this panel against the wall and the chair.  Absolute genius!  I can't believe how lucky I was to find these :)

It always surprises me when a couple of small changes make such a large impact.



Total cost?  $15.00 for the draperies, $140 for the dining room table, $200 for the 4 dining chairs.  Everything else, the console, the artwork, the lamp, the striped chairs...I just shopped the house!

Keep your eyes open for a change... You never know what a difference it might make!

Only By His Grace,


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