Monday, August 5, 2013

Loving those teachers...

I cannot say how much I love the teachers at our school.  Last year the teacher my son had was absolutely a God-send.  She was everything you want in a teacher.  She was loving, supportive, patient, kind, stern, and wise.  She saw through the "little boy" to the person inside.  She saw beyond his faults straight through to his strengths.

I wish I had done more for her.  I wish I had put together this list before I knew her, because she was spectacular and I would have showered her with love every single day!  Mrs. Hendrix...we will forever love you!

Teachers have a tough job.  If you, as a mom, who loves your children find it difficult to keep your sanity with 2, 3, 4 or more children, try doing it with 20 or more...for 8 hours a day!  It is not an easy task.

Here are some things you can do this year to love on your teacher!  

1.  Gift cards: Gift cards don't have to be expensive.  A $5 or $10 gift card for coffee, gas, breakfast, toward a manicure or pedicure, can do a very long way.  

2.  Teaching supplies: Teachers often have to purchase their own supplies.  When you're out buying your child's school supplies, pick up another box of crayons, some dry erase markers, a fancy new ink pen, a note pad for her desk, etc.  You can find these items on sale at back-to-school time for pennies.  Putting them in a fun gift basket or bag can really brighten a teacher's day.

3.  Personalized Stationary.  Every teacher has to write notes home to parents now and again, because, let's face it, not every child is as perfect as yours... and well, sometimes an email just won't cut it.  With a little creativity, you can create personalized stationary with your teacher's name and favorite flower, pet, school mascot, etc.  Last year our teacher was a huge IU fan... that would be loads of fun!

4.  Coupons for classroom chores:  You've received them.  Those little bundles of love from your child for a "free hug"  or "free foot massage."  Those little love coupons are a great way to love on your teacher.  How about these for starters...

Another idea I love is a small gift basket with small individually wrapped token gifts inside: a nice ink pen, a $5 gift card for coffee, fun magnets, warm socks, lotion, a new mug, etc, etc.  The tag on the basket should read, "Whenever you need a hug, have one from us." 

Giving your time and helping your teacher this year is the best gift you can possibly give.

Only By His Grace,


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