Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Frank Navasky!

Either you know Frank Navasky, or you don't.  He was one of the crucial characters in You've Got Mail. He was a supporting role, but the movie would not have functioned without him.  He was integral to the story line.

There is one scene where Patricia Eden interrupts a tense moment and says, "You're Frank Navasky, aren't you?"  They continue on for a moment as she impresses him with her knowledge of his latest self-important news article.  He then says, "You know, you write these pieces, you think someone will notice, and a week goes by and no one calls.  You start to think, "I'm a fraud..."

That's a little how blogging feels.  I write these posts and I never hear a word - and then a week hits me like last week where at least four people mentioned four separate posts.

I just want to say, thank you!  I write because I love to write - so thank you for sticking with me and listening to the ramblings of a crazy mom who wants to decorate and organize her home, inspire other moms to find balance, and live a simpler life:) 

Only By His Grace,


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