Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everything old is new again...

If you've been reading these silly blog posts for very long, you know that I love to recycle.  I think it is immensely important and we should all do what we can to keep excess stuff out of the landfills.

On that note, I've been noticing Ball and Kerr jars popping up everywhere.  Why? I wonder.  Oh dear Lord, please don't let it be a revival of "country style decorating."  I still have recurring nightmares of ducks in blue bonnets!  

No, I choose to believe it's their fabulous teal blue color that is so popular right now.  I saw a set of new Ball jars at Michael's recently.  I wasn't much impressed because they had aluminum lids.  The real ones, the original ones, had wonderful galvanized lids -  like these...

Where we live, we have these great little antique/thrift...let's call them "malls."  They're called Peddler's Mall.  I love them.  I found a dealer last week that had a whole shelf, oh approximately 25 or so, for $6.95 each, with galvanized lids. I was ecstatic.

I have found the most adorable project ideas.  I do believe I will be returning to The Peddler's Mall to pick up a few.  I'm thinking Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, gifts for myself {grin}...

Take a look... maybe you'll find some inspiration, too!

These kits are easy to find at craft stores.  It only takes good tin punch with a strong hand and a little elbow grease. 

photo: the blissfully content life

What a great teacher gift this would make.  I'm also thinking Secret Santa or Secret Sister gifts.  Of course, you'll need the new lids so you can create the pin cushion.

photo: the blissfully content life

I'm terribly enamored with this idea.  I love the painted look.  If I'm not mistaken, this look is achieved by pouring your paint into the jar, swirling it around and then waiting for the project to dry.  Marvelous!

photo: BordanSpecifics 

This is another version of the painted project, only this time, the paint is on the outside, and the relief pattern has been rubbed off for extra texture and pattern.  I think these would make fantastic pencil cups for teachers.  A set could hold pencils, markers and crayons.  What a sweet display.

 photo: so frickin cute

Do you have old Ball or Kerr jars?  Have you done anything creative with yours?

Only By His Grace,


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