Monday, August 26, 2013

Autumn inspiration...

I. Can't. Wait!

I cannot wait until fall.  I love the cooler days, early nights, a fire in the fire pit or fireplace.  A few home decor updates and my home fires are a-burnin'.

Adding fall touches to your home helps you transition into a new season with excitement and adds a feeling of coziness to cooler evenings and a warm place to return home to at the end of a hectic day.

As much as I love a warm color scheme, I find the boldness overwhelms my senses on a day-to-day basis.  How do you decorate for fall when your home is decidedly neutral?

This room is also more decidedly neutral. What is so clever is the use of a soft fall neck scarf as a table runner.  Simple, Easy, Chic!

What makes the neutral theme of the room both work together and offer the coziness of fall is the way the colors all relate to one another:  The wooden bowl has a natural orange tone to complement the persimmon hues in the scarf, and the actual fire logs play a supporting role in the background that anchor the room's color scheme...very important with an all neutral feel.  

While I'm on the subject of neutral fall decor, allow me to take a brief moment to say, "I love this entry way!"  Leave it to to the folks at Pottery Barn to supply us with neutral eye candy!

At first glance, this area looks like any other fall display: hay bails, pumpkins, florals, a wreath.  It's only when you separate the pieces that you begin to see how neutral it all is - but how very well it works together.

The black door farm, wall sconces, and outdoor candle lanterns all read as black.  The hay bails, straw pumpkins, and even a few leaves read as beige.  Very neutral.  However, this display takes it's color cue not only from the leaves in the wreath and the muted pumpkins, but we also see it again in the copper tops of the wall sconces.  When all the colors work together the finished result is simply beautiful, and not overwhelming in the slightest!

One last very simple touch can be made in a weekend at home. Simple embroidery floss and a few minutes of time take this neutral pillow from blah and boring to fall wow in a matter of minutes!

Is your home color heavy or have you simplified with a more neutral scheme?  What are your favorite fall touches to transition your home from summer to autumn?  

Only By His Grace,


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