Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When a necessity becomes a pleasure...

Everyone knows by now that our refrigerator died about a month ago.  The timing was bad, to say the least.  My dad passed away on a Monday, family was in town, people were staying at our house, life was beyond hectic, I was well passed exhaustion, stress levels were high and the refrigerator died.

But sometimes blessings come in the least expected ways.

I'm sitting by the fire, having a wonderfully delicious cup of hot coffee... What are you drinking?

The Tuesday following dad's death was a warm day for early March in these parts.  It was near 50 degrees and sunny.  The kids had been outside playing on the trampoline.  I was sitting with my husband on the sofa enjoying a hot cup of chai tea latte.

We looked outside and it was snowing.  Not flurrying, not a few flakes, it was like a blizzard.  My husband said, "How is it snowing when it's almost 50 degrees?"  Before it was over, the deck was covered in snow, we had a thin layer of ice on the trees and it was COLD.

That night the refrigerator went out - in a big way!  It was dead, Jim!  It was nearly 11:00 p.m., Lovey hopped in the car and drove into the night for ice.  We filled the cooler and for the next week, we were able to keep all our groceries safe in a cooler on the deck outside the back door - sitting on a layer of snow and ice.  It was a freak snowstorm that came just at the right moment we needed it to!

The weekend came and we went out to purchase new appliances.

Here's what we chose:
A slate colored refrigerator with stainless steel accents.  Bottom freezer, French doors.  Man does this baby have LOTS of room.

This freezer is so large I plan to empty out my chest freezer in the basement and unplug it.  No need to run them both 1/2 full!

Even after a trip to the grocery this baby is only 1/2 full.  I have plenty of room for left overs now!  Yay!

My oven was also on the fritz - would go from 250 - 500 within a minute or two...there was no regulation to it...  you could put a pizza in for 30 minutes, still have it mostly frozen and within 2 minutes the smoke detectors would be blaring because it was burnt - NO KIDDING!

This oven matches the refrigerator.  It's slate colored, as well.  It has 5 burners and a rapid boil feature.  

I am happy to say my cooking has improved, the fam is eating well again and our left-overs are easily spotted and eaten in record time!

Only By His Grace,


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