Monday, April 8, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...

Do you recycle?  Have you ever considered all we throw away each week?  How much of it goes into the landfills and the dumps?  How much our cost of living goes up each time we have to repurchase that bottle of household cleaner simply because of packaging costs?  

Today I'm drinking ice water from my favorite BPA free glass.  24 oz of pure refreshment!

Two years ago we purchased new carpet for our home.  When I called the trash company for details on disposal, the friendly customer service lady pulled the classic upsell.  
She: "I see you aren't signed up for recycling."  
Me:  "No, ma'am.  I'm not."
She:  "We can provide you recycling containers and weekly pick up for $5.25 each month."
Me:  "Wait! What?  $5.25 a week?"
She:  "No ma'am.  $5.25 a month."

Now, inside my head I'm thinking... I don't have to sort my items and then haul them to the fire department each week? (sometimes twice a week.)

Me:  "Yes ma'am. Sign me up!" They even let me use my own containers!

Do you know what happened?  As I started paying closer and closer attention to the items I threw away, I realized how much of our weekly purchases can be recycled.  

We went from a HUGE trash container overflowing with garbage destined for the dump - to having 4 recycle bins full of recyclable materials.  We pull out the recycle bins each Monday.  Trash night is Wednesday.  Usually there is only 1 bag of trash in our container, now.

In fact, last week, we traded our Ginormous trash container with a neighbor's smaller container.  Still is WAY more than we need.  But it's a win-win.  They get the larger container to fill, and we get more space in our garage :)

In the words of the great Phil Robertson, 
"Happy. Happy. Happy!"

Only By His Grace,


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