Monday, April 29, 2013

Turning lemons into lemon aids...

I am such a huge fan of organic cleaning.  I like to know the cleaner I use to detox my home doesn't intoxicate my children or my husband - not to mention my dog:)

Coffe is my drink of choice today.  What?  You were expecting lemonade? 

I buy a lot of all natural cleaners.  I love Shaklee brands of cleaners.  I don't think Basic h2 can be beat for everyday cleaning. I love it!  

But sometimes, I admit, I miss that fresh lemon scent of those toxic store-bought cleaners.  Lemon is so refreshing - especially in the spring.

What makes lemon such a powerful cleaner?  The high acid content allows the fruit to work as a powerful antibacterial sanitizer that combats household bacteria.  Amazing, huh?

Because lemons are highly acidic the juice can cut through and loosen mineral deposits on cookware, sink faucets, and drains.  To give it more oomph, dip a cut lemon in salt to work as an abrasive cleanser.

Instead of scrubbing shower tiles, doors and fixtures with abrasive, toxic lemon scented cleaners, juice a few lemons and pour contents in a spray bottle.  The citric acid will break down hard water deposits and soap scum.  The antibacterial properties will sanitize the space.  Be sure to wipe down with cool, fresh water.

Looking for an easy all purpose lemon-scented cleaner?  Try this recipe:

1 lemon peel (make lemonade with the naked lemon)
1 mason jar
1 cup white vinegar

Peel one lemon, fill mason jar, fill jar with one cup of vinegar.  Shake, rattle and roll.  Let set for about a week or so, shaking every day, or when you think about it.  When it's more citrusy than stinky, it's ready.  

When you're ready to clean windows, bathrooms, toilets, floors, or laundry, your white vinegar solution will have a fresh lemon oil scent!  Just mix one part of lemon vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle and you're ready to go.

Next time you have a fresh lemon in the fridge and a bottle of white vinegar in the pantry, give it a try.  

Don't forget to let me know how you like it!

Only By His Grace,


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