Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strawberries and Herbs...

Nothing says spring to me more than fresh fruits and veggies.  Given the wooded area behind our suburban home and the friendly neighborhood critters that abide therein, it is nigh near impossible to grown anything out back other than a healthy patch of crab grass and a fence row full of poison ivy.  

I'm enjoying a glass of cranberry juice today.  What are you sipping?

It is that time of year again when the hubs and I start to think about clearing the landscape, trimming the hedges and laying new mulch.  Last summer I painted our shutters and front door a lovely shade of glossy black.  Therefore, this year, we have decided against pine bark mulch, pine needle mulch or hardwood chips.  We've decided on black mulch!  I'm very excited.  It will look lovely when we eventually get to it :)

While we were at the home supply warehouse today, I decided to put a little action to some inspiration.  See, I've been reading about growing strawberries.  Seems strawberries do not have to be cultivated in raised rows neatly tilled and professionally plowed.  They do not require a seasoned farmer to tend them - although I might sport a farmer's tan before it's all over and done.

I am very much excited about our little strawberry and herb garden that I will plant on our back deck.  Here's what I picked up.  I'll keep you posted as I go along...

Two new cedar planter boxes; drainage included.

Six strawberry plants 

Two rosemary plants

And hopefully when it's all complete, we'll have strawberries and herbs enough
to last us through the summer.

Have you ever planted fruits or herbs in a planter box?  How did it go for you?  I'd love to know!

Only By His Grace,


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