Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer time: when the living is easy

Dear friends,

I have considered and contemplated what type of information I want to convey to you through the course of our summer.

It has occurred to me recently how short our time together is.  Especially where our children are concerned.  My daughter is 12 years old.  She is finishing her 6th grade year.  That means we have 6 more spring breaks with her, 5 more summer vacations, 5 more fall breaks, and possibly 5 or 6 more Christmas breaks until she outgrows the nest and moves on the college.

That is why, I am taking a break over the summer.  Oh, I'll still post from time to time.  If we're friends on Facebook we can still catch up - and I'll post links so you'll know when new info is being posted.

In the meantime, I am taking The Mom Challenge.  
{hit the button for the link}.

This is a one-year challenge with weekly mini-challenges to get us re-engaged with our kiddos.  It includes easy-to-accomplish tasks like "eating dinner with your children," "slowing down" and "enjoying the simple things."

I wish you a fantastic summer!  Believe me!  Fall will be here soon enough and we'll get back to organizing and cleaning, polishing and waxing.  But for now - summer is here, our time is short - enjoy your time with your kids.  They won't always be around!

Only By His Grace,

Billie  -  look for me under Billie Ross

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