Monday, May 6, 2013

Principles and Guidelines...

People are always looking for best-practices.  I like best practices. I like knowing that A + B = C. I like knowing that when I clean my house it's going to be clean.  I like knowing that working hard breeds results.

Today I'm having a good old fashioned glass of ice water.  What are you sipping?

I am a habitual multi-tasker.  Is there a MTA? (Multi Taskers Anonymous).  When I'm folding laundry I'm thinking ahead to mopping the floors.  When I'm making the bed, I'm thinking of cleaning the bathroom.

Here are some principles I'm working on now to clear my thinking and enjoy the process. 

1. When you clean, just clean. Try not to plan or think about the next task.  Try to concentrate on what you're doing right now. 

2. Try doing your work with gratitude and compassion.  Try to be grateful for what you have even if it has to be cleaned, decluttered, or organized...again.  Be thankful for the people you have in your life - even when they create messes.

Here are the guidelines I use to check myself - and to keep myself in check.

1. Clean as you go.  Whatever your task, take five minutes to clean up after yourself.  This guideline includes craft projects, morning hygiene routines, meal prep and outdoor home updates.  

2. Start where you are.  If you're overwhelmed by all you need to declutter, start where you are.  One drawer, one hanger, one closet, one basket.  Donate them, discard them, repurpose them, recycle them.  Now you've gotten started.  Do it again, tomorrow.

3. Keep your work surfaces clear.  On your desk try to allow for no more than your computer or laptop, a photo of your family or pet, and an in-box or basket.  

4. Just start!  Give it just 10 minutes, or 15 minutes.  Do it every day.  Don't judge yourself against professional organizers and housekeepers.  Do what you can do in the time you have.

What principles work for you?  Drop a line in the comments.

Only By His Grace,


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