Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keeping it positively real...

Many of you know that I'm taking the summer off from typical blogging topics.

Yes, I'm still an over-the-top in love with cleaning and organizing kind of gal.  Yes, I'm still obsessing over dusty baseboards and ceiling fans.  Yes, I'm still irritated over the dust-bunnies accumulating in the corners of my basement family room.

However, this summer, these things will just have to wait.  If you come by to visit me, please don't expect a clean house.  I haven't mopped my floors in three weeks.  I haven't cleaned my ceiling fans or baseboards in longer than that!

This morning I even forgot it was trash day...first time I've done that in a very, very long time.

Instead, I'm investing every spare minute I have in my children.  They are growing up so quickly.  They are so much fun and want to play Uno and Foosball.  They want to go camping with me.  They want to take a walk and ride their scooters and roller blade.  And I wouldn't miss it for the world -- especially if the trade of was a sparkly clean house.

So this week's challenge of The Mom Challenge has been  Keeping it Positive.  I must admit, I'm a bit of a scheduler - and a task setter - and a check-list-maker-checker-off-er.  Sometimes I get in a hurry and find myself in less than a positive mood.

This week I've forced myself to slow down, breathe deeply and stay positive.  

It's been a ver positive week.  Oh...the dishes weren't always done before bed, the bed's didn't get made every day, and the sofa pillows stayed in the floor a few times...but I didn't nag, or yell, or fuss...It's been positively fantastic!

Are you following along with The Mom Challenge?  I encourage you to do so.  You'll not regret it!

Only By His Grace,


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